If you would like to volunteer to work with Festival Welfare please read the information below and we look forward to seeing your application.

  • Festivals are a fun and enjoyable experience, but please remember that you are volunteering to work at the festival.
  • The work can be demanding, stressful and at times distressing.
  • Most will be minor enquiries but some can be serious situations.
  • In return for your time we offer our volunteers a ticket into the event, our own private camping area with a clean toilet and on most occasion’s access to a hot shower to decontaminate.
  • We will also feed you for the duration of the event with a substantial hot vegetarian meal in the evening and access to a variety of breakfast and lunchtime treats.
  • Most of the meals we provide are in fact suitable for vegans, with the option of adding non-vegan items if desired.
  • The amount of time we require you to work varies from event to event but for larger events, you would normally be expected to do 4/5 shifts of between 4-6 hours.
  • Our services operates for the entire time the public are onsite so your shifts could be at any time of the day or night.
  • If you wish to apply to volunteer with FWS please fill out the : application form