Welfare Services

We can provide a tailored solution to your event needs that can cover a range of services. Below are some of the services we can provide.

  • General site information.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Rendezvous point for lost and found people.
  • Drug and Alcohol help (based around a harm reduction philosophy).
  • Lost and found children’s area (separate from Welfare).
  • Lost and found property services (separate from welfare).
  • Shelter, rest and recuperation.
  • Liaison with on-site services.
  • Onward referrals to relevant agencies.
  • Information and advice.
  • Health promotion.
  • Provision of supplies e.g.- ponchos, tents, blankets, water, sun cream, condoms, nappies, sanitary products, clothing, ear plugs, tea/coffee etc.
  • Disabled facilities (Toilets, power points, etc.)
  • Training for stewards and security.
  • Full statistical recordings and an end of festival/event report.

We have an amazing team of volunteers (around 350) who come from a range of backgrounds from drug and alcohol workers to CPN’s, RMN’s and Staff nurses to social workers to people who care deeply about peoples wellbeing.

Festival and events can be an amazing and immersive environment for children, but they can also become very quickly lost in that world, and that’s when you need a service that can respond quickly and efficiently.

We provide found children areas at several of the events we cover and work closely with organisers to make sure policies and procedures around lost and found children are best practice; and that we can reunite families in the shortest time possible.

Our staff are DBS checked and from either a childcare or youth work background and have extensive experience in looking after children at events and festivals.

Lost property can be a logistical nightmare at events if it is not properly organised and run, we pride ourselves on running an efficient and effective service at events.

We currently use a searchable excel spreadsheet, so at the end of the event we can hand everything over in a format that is easy for your staff to access and reunite property with their owners.

If you would like to chat about our lost property services please contact us.