Queues and delays

Festivals are busy.

There will be lots of other people all arriving at the same time as you so be prepared to wait while the security staff get on with their jobs.

Be patient and use the time to make some friends in the queue.

Don’t forget to have a bottle of water, some sun screen or a hat handy just in case the sun puts in an appearance.

Be nice. The staff are going through it too, so smile and follow instructions.

Tickets and wristbands

Bring your ticket! Check, check and check again.

If you don’t bring it, you won’t get in. Simple as.

When you have your wristband put on, ask to have it put on the hand that you DON’T wipe your bum with! Nuff said.

Setting up your camp

OK, time to get a bit boy-scout again. You’re going camping!

Hopefully you’ve had a practice run of putting your tent up and know how it all works, or you’ve at least brought the instructions. Haven’t you?

Get that tent up straight away and you’ve got somewhere to stash everything if it rains.

When it comes to finding a good spot there’s a few things to bear in mind.

Don’t set up in a fire lane or other pathway. Only camp in designated areas.

If your tent is found in the wrong place it will just be removed and you will be searching in vain for a tent that’s now in the bin.

General etiquette

Try to be respectful of other campers, and particularly of the site.

Don’t burn it, wee on it, dig it, leave rubbish on it or otherwise leave the place worse than when you found it.

Safety and security

Get to know your fellow campers.

They could keep an eye out for you and your stuff, and you should do the same for them.

Just because you’re at a festival it doesn’t mean that you’ve become immune to danger.

All the usual precautions about keeping yourself safe apply.

Get to know the security staff and where they’re based.

Find out what to do if there’s a fire and where the fire buckets are.


Put it in the bin! Or take it home.

Use one of the sturdy black bags you’ve brought with you and keep your campsite spotless.

Tell your friends off if you see them throwing rubbish on the ground. Be that guy.

Orientation – getting to know the site layout

Get a map.

Take a tour while you’ve still got your wits about you, then it shouldn’t feel too scary later on.

Enjoy yourself!

Take it easy, kick back for a bit and plan your fun.