Buying tickets

Use an approved supplier; where possible buy directly from the festival.

Touts are expensive and you may not get a genuine ticket.


Volunteering is a great way to see a festival. Not only are you providing a valuable service, your ticket’s free and you’re usually provided with some meals. There are loads of opportunities out there from litter picking to stewarding to Oxfam and Greenpeace.

You’re usually asked to pay a deposit that is given back post-festival as long as you do the work you sign up for.

Again, before you sign your weekend away, find out about the work and speak to some people who have volunteered with that organisation before.


Get your tickets early and keep them safe, lost tickets are rarely replaced!


Think about what other passes you may need. Do you need a car pass, camper van pass, disability pass etc?


Many of the larger festivals ask for a passport type photo when you apply so make sure you have a digital version in a format that is easily uploaded.