Bringing your stuff

Whichever way you travel, don’t forget that you will have all your stuff to take with you too and carrying it all will be hard work.

Once you’re at the festival gates then you will still have to walk possibly a mile or more with all your stuff before you reach your camping area.


If you’re going by car or camper van make sure you’ve arranged parking or camping before you get there.

You won’t be allowed on site in your vehicle unless you have the proper pass.

There will be no-parking zones all around the festival site so don’t even think of parking up on a verge nearby and walking.

Your car will almost certainly be clamped and it is hideously expensive and a lot of hassle to get them removed at home time.

That’s if your car is even still there.

Car park security

Once you’re on site and your car is parked make sure it is not a target for thieves.

The car parks are not that secure and you won’t know if anything’s happened until it’s time to go home.

Don’t leave anything in your car. Keep the glove box empty and open to show there’s nothing hidden away.

Remove anything of value and leave it at home.

There’s very little point setting the car alarm as you won’t hear it and you’ll just come back to a dead battery or a damaged car because someone got fed up of listening to it.

Public transport

Get public transport wherever it’s practical.

The local services will be ready to ferry you and your stuff to the site.

But again, you’ll have a long walk to your camping area once you’ve been dropped off.

Car sharing

Car sharing is an economical way to get to festivals.

Just make sure that you have arranged a time and place to meet up at the end so that you can all get home again.

If you’re offering or receiving a lift from someone you don’t already know then the usual safety precautions apply.

Give someone the details of who you’re travelling with and check in with them at pre-arranged intervals so that they know you’re safe.

Be polite and considerate; say thanks and show respect for their stuff, time and effort.