The law

Many recreational drugs are illegal and the law is not suspended just because it’s a festival.

Even so-called New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are often not tolerated at festivals and if you’re searched and they’re found on you, they’ll be confiscated and you may even be asked to leave, check the festival site for more info on NPS’s.

But I really want to try something!

Be careful.

Take it easy.

The effects of drugs can be altered by the festival atmosphere and even people who’ve tried them before can have a different experience.

If you feel anxious or vulnerable then seek help. Small amounts you can always add to the affect but you cant take away.

So start low and take it slow.

Look after each other

If your friends do decide to experiment then make sure someone looks after them and can help if things go wrong.

Legal highs


Our advice is to be careful.

They may not be illegal (currently), but that does not mean that they are safe.

Medical professionals know very little about the short or long term effects of these chemicals, and how they interact with other substances and medication.

Their effects can be unpredictable or make take much longer to become apparent, making you think you need to take more and before you know it, you’re in trouble.

Where to go for help.

Welfare is a safe place for anyone experiencing difficulties during the event, we offer a space to talk, rest and seek reassurance and support.

You can also visit us if you are experiencing or have concerns with your mental health and well being throughout the event.

Pop in and say hello.

Prescription medications.

Keep them safe and dry.

Make sure the pharmacy labels are attached.

First Aid or Welfare may be able to store temperature sensitive medicines in their fridge.

Bring an extra day or twos worth just in case they got lost or you can’t get home in time.