Safety and security

Most festivals will have children’s bands available so just ask, if not buy yourself a permanent pen (sharpie) and write your mobile number on their arm.

Effects of the festival on young people

Festivals are big places even the small ones, especially when you’re a little person. So just remember to take it easy and have lots of rest breaks.

Lost kids

All festivals that allow children onto site have a lost Children’s area find out where it is and make sure your kids know where it is.

If you do lose your children don’t get too worked up.

I know it’s easy to say, but they are generally round the corner looking at a performer or trying on a mad festival hat at some random stall.

Most Parents are reunited with their children within 5 to 20 minutes.

So find a steward or security guard and let them know ASAP


Festivals can be dirty places so make sure you have plenty of wipes and hand sanitiser, but remember to always wash your hands first - sanitiser won’t get rid of dirt it just kills a few germs.

Keeping them entertained and chilled out

Childrens areas and craft fields are excellent at keeping kids entertained and weather it rains or not the Circus tent will always be a good place to hide for a few hours check out the boards on site for info and for ideas and inspiration.